We caught up with Screenwriter, Emma Peterson, to ask her about her time in the 2021 Scripted Series Lab with Showrunner, Will Pascoe.

How has your time breaking story with Will affected your understanding of writing for TV?

I didn’t have a lot of expectations going in but it’s been great. It really helps that it’s a great collaborative group. Seriously, I look forward to each meeting. Watching Will move through what we do next, talking through his process, I’m taking a lot of notes because it’s giving me so much more to think about when I write my own stuff in the future.

How do you feel about virtual rooms now that you’ve been in both a virtual and an in person version of the story room?

There’s convenience to a virtual room for sure, but I miss the energy of being in person after getting to do that for a few weeks. Also, there’s the the awkwardness of interrupting each other on Zoom. My cats get to interrupt us too. One in particular gets really jealous of the attention I give to the screen.

Do you have a favourite memorable moment so far?

The best moment so far was the first day in the room that we really started breaking an episode. Launching in to that was so exciting.