How has your time breaking story with Will affected your understanding of writing for TV?
Immensely! Before I always heard the term breaking story but I really had no idea, the in-depth process of really nailing down the main characters and going through each scene while tracking it all the way through the season. I’ve been able to take this process and use it with my own stories, it really helps put the puzzle pieces together!

Is there any favourite moment from your first half of the program that stands out so far?
Being in the room in person. I got to know Will and my fellow writers really well, we shared a lot of personal stories, some sadness and definitely lots of laughs. Also, I really like seeing all the cards for each episode up on the boards. I’m a visual person so seeing them all everyday helped me think of new ideas while revisiting what we already had.

How would you compare your virtual room with an in-person room now that you’ve experienced both?
I do like the zoom sessions as it helps not having to worry about travel, parking and gas, and picking my son from school. But it doesn’t beat being in the room in person, in person feels like ideas and conversations can flow better, and we get to know each other on a more personal basis too.

Do you have any advice for future applicants as they prepare their applications or prep for an interview?
Be open minded with ideas, know your showrunner and really do your research on the shows the showrunner writes for. Be specific on how and where you get your ideas for writing, and be humble.